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Since 1996, Golden Lion Wire Co., Ltd was first established distribution of wire factory in Myanmar. The product of Gold Lion Wire was certified Safety Electrical Certification from Ministry of Industry No(1) and Directorate of Industrial - Supervision & Inspection and selling in Myanmar stock. Golden Lion Wire was got in Spain Madrid 32nd times International technology and quality award and was got ISO 9001-2008 from United Kingdom, UKAS. Golden Lion Wires are production 99% of the product of raw copper from Thai Plastic and Chemicals PLC Co., Ltd and importing the products of Raw PVC from Myanmar Ivanhoe Copper Co.,Ltd. Golden Lion Wires are using the best quality of Copper and Conductivity and are resistant electricity heating. Golden Lion is always giving satisfaction for customers.

Business Categories

  • Electrical Goods [Electrical & Electronic Products]
  • Building Materials [Construction Materials]

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  • Since 1996
  • First Established Distribution of Wire Factory in Myanmar Wire & Wire

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