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Myanmar, standing between the two economic giants, China and India, has been the world’s economic focus since the beginning of democratic reforms in 2011. Though it has been left behind in social and economic sectors in the past, Myanmar is now ready to walk down the international stage with its own natural resources, strategic location and able workforce amid the suspension of international sanctions. The opportunities for development are vast.

This Myanmar Industry Directory is here to keep you up-to- date on this rapidly changing sector, and to help you connect to companies to do business with or to invest in. The main industrial sectors of Myanmar are covered including: Agricultural & Livestock, Energy, Chemical Based Products, Construction Materials, Machinery & Equipment, and Textiles.

This website is the most comprehensive listing and guide in Myanmar, and is the resource for those who wish to do business in the country.

Myanmar Industries Association

Myanmar Industries Association

For the publication of this directory we are pleased to cooperate with the Myanmar Industries Association.